HN_statsAt Her.Network, we understand that women-owned or women-led businesses often face difficulties in obtaining finance due to the lack of understanding from traditional banking personnel.

Despite research showing that women-owned or women-led businesses offer a greater return on investment, higher profitability and lower default rates compared to their male counterparts, finance is still not easily made available to women businesses. Further, women-owned businesses have had a greater positive impact on households and the economy and are regarded as excellent lendees, having a 95% and over repayment rate as well as a minimal default rate. With over 187 Million women entrepreneurs globally and such promising numbers, shouldn’t women businesses enjoy easier access to credit than how it is today?

Having identified such issues, Her.Network was founded to support women-owned or women-led businesses by introducing them to various financing options:

  • Debt Financing via Peer to Peer Lending
  • Equity Financing via Angel Investors or Venture Capital
  • Microfinancing for micro businesses

Realising the potential of women businesses as proven by research, Her.Network leverages on the global online community to construct and become the network for helping women businesses.

Besides helping on the financial aspect, Her.Network also seeks to provide women with knowledge and education on business, leadership and personal development, guiding them toward success for their businesses. Our partners include other women organisations who support our cause, finance companies as well as a marketing agency, all of which add on to our partner list which we are looking into expanding more.

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Deborah Fairfull

I came to Sandra seeking advice regarding capital for my startup. She had a wealth of knowledge and practical ideas that enabled me to consider a variety of strategies going forward for my business. Due to Sandra’s knowledge, I also had a much clearer idea of how to structure deals in line with the exit strategy that I had for the business. Sandra is a highly valuable and much needed resource, in assisting women to navigate the what can seem overwhelming world of venture capital. Sandra is providing a much needed service for women entrepreneurs by helping to make their dreams come alive in providing the support and connections that they need.

Deborah FairfullBlisspot