We know that having the right people guide you in your business at the right time is really important. At Her.Network, we partner with a variety of companies to ensure that we have the best resources available to provide you and your business the help and knowledge you need to achieve your objectives.

Her.Network aims to empower women-owned and women-led business through our network and the scope of our partnerships with companies, organisation and people who share our vision. As a partner of Her.Network, your company supports the growth of women businesses globally through the plenty of opportunities to guiding and networking.

Service Partners

ThinCats Australia is a peer-to-peer lending platform for secured business loans to small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs). The platform links wholesale investors willing to lend directly with business borrowers through an online auction marketplace for loans. Lenders can earn competitive returns above bank deposit rates, Borrowers can obtain loans between $50k and $2m at rates competitive with Australian bank commercial lending rates and Participating Sponsors are experienced finance professionals who assist borrowers to seek loans.

Curate Bee is a digital marketing agency that aims to help your brand create the right conversations that engage your audience, expand your reach, and attract new leads using social and digital marketing. While building your brand is one thing, putting it out and managing that brand is another. With services and tools including Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing and Email marketing, Curate Bee provides you with a wholesome marketing solution that you’ll need that gets your brand out.

Clever Finance Solutions is committed to helping you find the best finance solution for your current and future goals. Understanding that having the right finance product for your business can really help your business succeed and maximize your cashflow, Clever Finance tailors its service to help with finance for vehicles, equipment, property, debtors or any commercial item. The best thing? There is no service fee that you’ll incur, saving your business some costs along the way! This is because Clever Finance only gets paid by commission upon introducing you to the lenders, of which the lender bears the commission. Rest assured that the introduction to the lenders will happen only after Clever Finance has vetted through them to ensure that they are suitable for you.

Behind closed doors is a leading national network of businesswomen supporting and encouraging each other to attain greater levels of success and opening doors to new opportunities and markets.

Made of eight invitation only programs that will provide you access to high level business executives, government and community leaders, and access to your own confidential women’s support network where you will receive encouragement and support to enable you to confidently accept greater professional challenges, such as nominating for Board and Chairman roles.

Spotcap is an innovative online lender for small and medium sized enterprises. The company was founded in 2014 by CEO Toby Triebel and COO Dr. Jens Woloszczak. Spotcap is headquartered in Berlin, with local offices in Madrid, Amsterdam, and Sydney. spotcap believes that new types of businesses require new ways of financing. Instead of tedious paperwork and multiple long meetings, they provide you with access to funding within minutes.

CABEL Partner’s expertise is in partnering with you in planning and optimising your business and your finances through each stage of their life cycle.

We assist clients to structure their business and finances, prepare and execute their business plan and to get the most value from their hard work and valuable asset. Our best value is achieved by clients who aim to have an agile and sale ready business, and who are ready to take advantage of growth and strategic opportunities as they arise. With that objective we are able to focus on value now and on improving it over the strategic plan period.

In the meantime we can handle the Chartered Accounting work, your specialist one off tax consulting advice, your audit if needed and your family financial planning. This enables you to focus on getting the most from your business.

We have a co working space in North Sydney from which you can work and meet. We are a Family Office as and when your family needs us.

Workplace Law is a specialist law firm providing employers with legal advice, training and representation in all aspects of workplace relations, employment-related matters and WH&S. Workplace Law represents a wide variety of industries in the private & public sectors inc Manufacturing, Retail, Insurance, International Airlines, Sporting Organisations, Television Production Companies, Construction, Logistics services, IT Providers, Labour Hire Services and Not for Profit Organisations.

Mentorloop is a cloud based platform designed to make mentoring relationships easier to start, manage and participate in. With mentor and mentee onboarding, matching, and real-time communications tools, Mentorloop improves mentoring outcomes for corporates, NFPs, government, universities and individuals.

Employee Matters is an employee relations company and we are employee experts. We specialise in in helping small businesses create exceptional performance through their employees. Think employee contracts, policies, recruitment and terminations. At Employee Matters, we are great at helping business owners who have limited time and money hire great people and, just as importantly, fire non-performers.

My concern for small business is that many of you are currently non-compliant with your legal requirements and are, therefore, exposed to potential fines for breaches. We can help you reduce your risk and increase your productivity.

Smallville is a community for Small Business owners who think big. It is a community where people freely share their ideas, advice and best knowledge with fellow Small Business owners. There is a lot of information on Smallville including Small Business resources, events, free stuff and of course a pile of great articles.