Who can join as a member?

Anyone who is interested in seeking funding for a women-owned or women-led business or any investors interested in funding women-owned or women-led business.

Why should I join?

By joining, you will be part of a network that is focused on providing access to information, support and funding products that will enhance your business or your investment portfolio. We believe in men and women helping women businesses and the membership will provide us the necessary information to ensure that the members are validated and genuine. We sincerely believe in creating a collaborative network with existing women’s organisations, corporations and genuine members to enhance each other’s organisation through the network.

What does my membership entail?

The membership prices and benefits are shown here. The purpose of the membership is to keep the fees low so that members can access a network of genuine people who are seeking to fund their business or to invest in products that supports women businesses.

What if I am unable to provide all the data as stated on the membership form?

It is important that you provide the data requested in the form as this will help ensure that you are a genuine member seeking the assistance that we are offering.

Do I interact with other members?

We will be organising events either in person or we have a members’ directory to encourage interaction with members. No contact details are accessible.  We offer a contact form within the directory to contact a member.

How do I apply for funding?

If you are interested in funding, please click on the type of funding boxes on the homepage and provide your details for us to contact you. We will connect you with our financing partner who will find out more about you and your business for the application process. You will be given application forms and a list of documentation required for the funding process depending on your requirements. You will always be talking to an accredited credit advisor so that you are working with a professional who will provide you the right information for your funding needs.

How am I able to help as an investor?

That’s fantastic that you want to help women businesses as an investor! The Peer 2 Peer Lending Platform offers investors a wealth creation opportunity to invest in women businesses via a compliant and accredited lending platform. The platform is called Thin Cats Australia and they link investors willing to lend directly with business borrowers through their online auction marketplace for loans. By being part of Her.network group of investors, the focus will be lending to only qualified women businesses.

Do I choose the businesses I want to help fund/invest?

As an investor part of Her.Network and Thin Cats Australia, you can choose any qualified women businesses to help fund or invest. There is obviously a detailed process for the businesses to qualify and validate prior to be made known to investors.

Does Her.Network take a cut from the invested amount?

Her.Network does not hold any financial licences like AFSL and therefore cannot legally benefit any commissions from the funding amount.  Our source of revenue is just the membership fees.

What does Her.Network get from helping out the businesses?

The founder and the team at Her.Network is passionate about helping women businesses succeed therefore we benefit from knowing that we are helping women to succeed.

How does the tender process work?

We believe in supporting women businesses in being part of the corporates’ and governments’ supply chain, seeing that statistically 99% of tenders and supply chain contracts globally are allocated to non-women businesses. WE Connect International is doing a fantastic job improving this imbalance by making women businesses known through certification process and with their corporate members. Her.Network is inviting government and corporations to provide their tenders announcements to Her.Network for the members.

Am I able to withdraw my membership after joining?

Yes, you can withdraw your membership by contacting us with your intention to withdraw membership.