Recognising 50 Unsung Business Heroes 


An amazing opportunity to showcase 50 Australian Women who are Unsung Business Heroes. They are the quiet achievers in our country and it's time to share their stories. This special edition with Her.Network will highlight their stories in how they found the money and financial support for their businesses.

Applications are Now Open

We believe that there are many women business owners who have worked very hard to make their business a success, not only through their hard work and determination but also with their approach to funding their businesses. We want to find these amazing women and have their journeys published in a special edition of 50 Unsung Business Heroes. 

Based on the success of 50 Unsung Business Heroes Volume 1, supported by Federal Treasurer The Hon. Scott Morrison MP and 2UE Radio Host, John Stanley, it is a fantastic opportunity to be part of a special edition. 

Would You Like to Nominate an Amazing Woman Business Owner to be Part of Australia's 50 Unsung Business Heroes?

We are seeking women business owners who are willing to share their stories in one of the three following categories:

Funding to Grow Business

Funding to Expand to New Markets

Funding Start of Business

“Since participating in Unsung Business Heroes the most remarkable things have happened! I’ve been named one of the top 100 project management influencers (globally), RNC won a prestigious Middlemarket award as “Best Project Management Consultancy in Australia”, I’ve published a book and have my first royalties, and RNC has achieved new work!”

               - Diane Dromgold, MD of RNC Global Project Mgt

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