Her.Network is About Diversity in Business

Her.Network believes in gender equality where we are aligned with one of United Nations Sustainable Development Goals for Gender Equality.

We work with men and women to achieve gender equality in business by  supporting their businesses to grow, and achieve gender equality in their business at the same time.  We do this with our initiatives as in areas of collaboration, education and technology.

Our programs provide the unique and proven expertise in creating exponential businesses with diversity.

From Feb 2019, we will be running monthly events to build a community who are interested in social entreprises that are aligned with United Nations Sustainable Goals. If you are interested in being part of this community, you can register your interest now. Nations Sustainable Goals.
If you are interested in being part of this community, you can register your interest here.

Ellect is an online business to business buying platform to help like-minded businesses to make more money and to support gender equality projects.

Net profits are invested into gender diversity projects to reduce the inequality in business, boards and workplaces. Click here to learn more.

What our customers say

I came to Sandra seeking advice regarding capital for my startup. She had a wealth of knowledge and practical ideas that enabled me to consider a variety of strategies going forward for my business. Due to Sandra’s knowledge, I also had a much clearer idea of how to structure deals in line with the exit strategy that I had for the business. Sandra is a highly valuable and much needed resource, in assisting women to navigate the what can seem overwhelming world of venture capital. Sandra is providing a much needed service for women entrepreneurs by helping to make their dreams come alive in providing the support and connections that they need.

Deborah FairfullFounder and CEO, BlisspotBlisspot

Sandra is the modern CEO of an international company and has a big vision. Sandra has the intellect and EQ to understand business and produce results through digital marketing. I have found Sandra to be extremely supportive and generous of her time and knowledge. As a start up, I may never have got off the ground if it were not for Sandra.

Alison ShawFounder of Shaw Dispute ResolutionShaw Dispute Resolution

About Us

Sandra D’Souza is an experienced business professional who is trained and educated in all aspects of business including finance, operations, strategy, marketing and sales. Having cultivated 20 years’ worth of experience in media and IT industries such as MTV Europe, Telstra, News Corp and UBS, Sandra transitioned to consulting and working with SMEs and tech startups. With a passion for entrepreneurial ventures and seeing the potential of content curation technologies, Sandra founded Curate Bee; a content and social media marketing firm that was acquired by Hive Group Inc in August 2018. She is also a member of the Australian Marketing Institute.

Aside from this, Sandra is also active in supporting the causes of women. She is formerly a director of BPW International, an international women’s NGO organisation and was one of the Australian leaders for the Commonwealth Business Council for Women.

Combining her enthusiasm in helping people with her knowledge, Sandra has dedicated some of her time to bringing programs to help entrepreneurs grow their business and achieving gender equality hence founding Her.Network.

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